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Two Azerbaijan’s ski resorts – Shahdag and Tufandag— were included in the Top 10 popular tourist destinations among tourists for winter.

Shahdag Winter-Summer Tourism Complex, one of the most advanced travel spots in the world, is among the Top 3 best winter resorts in the CIS countries.

The analytical researches show the Shahdag Complex among the most popular mountain resorts in the upcoming winter.

Azerbaijan’s first ski resort differs from similar facilities in the world for its uniqueness and diversity. Located in 30 km north of the town of Gusar, stands 2,500 meters above sea level and serves as an outstanding getaway with its rich nature, fresh air, and wonderful climate, with temperatures ranging between minus 20-22 degrees Celsius in winter and 20 degrees in summer.

Year by year the number of tourists discovering this beautiful resort increases. Despite Shahdag was opened only in December 2012, it could attract hundred thousands of people.


The rating is based on the analysis of the online booking systems of hotels for 2017-2018.

Another ski resort of the country Tufandag operating in Gabala region has been also included in the Top 10.

Tufandag complex provides visitors with skiing slopes and cable roads with a total length of 17 km with red, black and blue stripes, the resort offers 12 lifts and 14 trails of varying difficulty – five “green” and “blue” and four “red”.


The uniqueness of both ski resorts in Azerbaijan is that they receive visitors both in winter and summer. In hot weather mainly extreme sports are popular, while with the onset of winter skiers and snowboarders flock here.

The complexes repeatedly entered different rankings for tourists. So, since 2013, Shahdag has been visited by over 310,000 tourists and the highest peak has been reached.

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